Hearing Aid


Gift Aid Manager Demonstration  v.4.0

Gift Aid and Membership database for small to medium sized charities/organisations Gift Aid Gift Aid Manager can run in Microsoft Access® version 2007 and 2010.

Cheap Hearing Aids  v.1.0

Screensaver with a hearing aids


Hearing Aids Prices.  v.1.0

Screensaver with a hearing aids

Aid Zondulux  v.1 5

Aid Zondulux is FREE logical game based on very simple rules. The field is randomly filled with "crosses" and "zeros". Your goal is to fill the whole field with "crosses" using your mouse. When you click on one of symbols,

FiRST AiD - A All in One Tool  v.

FiRST AiD is a restriction removal tool with USB Antivirus and file/folder hider. Where you can remove all kind of restriction. After virus attack it is very much essential. Just few clicks make your OS as previous.

Time-Aid Solo  v.3.69

Timesheet solution - automatic, accurate and complete. Desktop activity tracker for aiding in timesheet completion. Time-Aid is a strong yet intuitive timesheet software. It automates time and activity tracking on the PC. it provides complete,

Pilot Aid E6B  v.

Free trial for 7 days with full functionality! Pilot Aid E6B does everything that an E6B does, plus allowing you to use GPS data in your calculations. GPS data includes: Course, Altitude, Lat/Long (Degress and Deg/Min/Sec), and Ground Speed. It is

Natural Medicines First Aid Remedies  v.

Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies is based upon medical research and draws upon protocols used by many health care professionals. The app provides everything you need to know to treat a range of ailments and health concerns,


Most parents understand that the need to learn first aid so they can take care of their children in the event of injury. But most parents aren’t aware that they should also teach their children some basic first aid skills.

Mobile First Aid  v.

According to a recent study (Gray, 2008) there are abount 1.8 mobile phones per person around the world. Since everyone of us can find himself in the need to give some first aid assistance to someone injured,

FREE Sleep Aid  v.

Free Sleep Aid is a superb free application that can allow you to follow asleep. You can create a cacophony of beautiful and relaxing sound ambience. Click on EZZ Relax, and off you go into a nice relaxing sleep world.

First Aid by Symptoms  v.

A straightforward and easy-to-use application, First Aid by Symptoms helps you narrow down what's ailing you, so you can provide a fast response to common symptoms. Type the main symptom or keyword (such as a rapid pulse, headache,

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